Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse

When hiking to the Teahouse, you’re walking into history.

People have been hiking to the Teahouse since its inception in 1927. The Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, for the enjoyment of their guests at the Chateau Lake Louise. The materials for the building were pack-horsed in and sourced from the area. Food supplies were brought in by pack-horse, with staff riding in everyday.

Today, there is still no road access or electricity and the building is in its’ original form. The supplies are either flown in by helicopter at the beginning of the season, or carried in by staff on their backs. The staff hike the same trail as you, but stay on site for 5 days at a time. Everything is made fresh here each day, by hand on propane stoves.

In 1959, the Teahouse was bought by Joy Kimball. She raised 2 daughters here and one of them, Susanne, still runs the Teahouse. She has preserved the original way of life as much as possible. There are no computers, electricity, or cell phones used at the Teahouse. Susanne is very passionate about the Teahouse and the beautiful surrounding area. Her hope is that you will want to bring the peace and joy you find here back home to share, helping make the world a better place!